AMETEK Reading Alloys is a leading supplier of Titanium Powder to the Medical Implant Industry

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Specialty Metal Products Division of AMETEK, Inc. is a leading producer of Hydrided-DeHydrided (HDH) Titanium Powders.  The HDH process enables Titanium and Titanium alloyed material to be embrittled, crushed and sized into powder.  The Reading Alloy facility has been supplying HDH Titanium and Titanium alloy powder to medical, industrial, and aerospace markets for over 15 years.  Because of the irregular shape of the HDH powder it is the material of choice for plasma coating on hip and knee implants in the medical market used by both OEMs and Contract Manufacturers.

 Each OEM or Contract Manufacturer has specific requirements regarding product morphology, chemistry and particle size.  The ability of the Reading Alloy team to meet the most stringent requirements enable it to be the preferred supplier to the medical market for porous coating material.  AMETEK offer a full range of Titanium materials including CP Titanium, Sodium Reduced Sponge, Magnesium Reduced Sponge, and Titanium 6Al-4V powders via the HDH process.  Because of our extensive knowledge of Titanium and the HDH process are process and development team is continually working with OEMs to make products to support an ever changing world.  If you are looking for medical grade Titanium Powder for a porous coating applications, look no further than AMETEK Reading Alloys.